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Attendees FAQs

What is Health Slam?

IoT Slam 2016 Internet of Things Conference QuestionHealth Slam is the world’s first and largest virtual conference dedicated to addressing the rapidly shifting landscape of IoT (Internet of Things) – and how this impacts the Healthcare / Life Science industry.  The event features world class keynotes, engaging panels, breakout sessions and workshops showcasing cutting edge thought leadership, expert use cases –  providing you with meaningful advice, industry best practices, and real world takeaways on all things IoT, Cloud, Mobile and Big Data, across across the entire Healthcare / Life Science industry spectrum – which you can use in your IoT Strategy right away!

Who is behind Health Slam?

Health Slam is a vertical industry focused continuation to the highly acclaimed IoT Slam series of virtual events, co-organized and co-produced by the IoT Community – worlds largest CxO network of IoT practitioners – as well as the Healthcare Executives Network – world’s largest Healthcare practitioner community.

When is Health Slam?

The Inaugural Health Slam conference takes place December 2nd, 2016.

The event is delivered live and starts at 9.00am US Eastern Time.

Where is Health Slam being held?

Health Slam is held in the Cloud and delivered via a bespoke, customized and secure virtual environment! Attendees will experience an immersion of exclusive world class content, from industry leading experts – brought straight to the comfort of your office, home or mobile device.

How much does it cost to take part in Health Slam?

Access to the event is priced with affordability in mind, tickets can be secured for a fee of £100 – purchased via Eventbrite at this page http://healthcare.iotslam.com/register-now. The registration fee is based on a per person basis as each individual attendee will receive unique access credentials. Registration fee also enables access to the event platform for 3 months post event.

Is this event being broadcast Live or is the content pre-recorded?

This event features content that is being presented live and in real time. and content will contain a mixture of video sessions, as well as voice over slide deck presentations.

Do I need any specialist software or specifications to attend the event?

The simple answer is No! All you need is computer (desktop or mobile device) that can connect to the internet (256kbps minimum Up and Down) to get access to live proceedings.

Can I engage with the speakers? – I don’t want to feel like I am watching a recording

Yes, in fact we encourage it, and speakers appreciate it! During presentations, you can post questions to the presenter, depending on how much time has been afforded for Q & A by the presenter

Do you have any discount programs?

Corporate / Block bookings – We offer multiple and group booking discount starting at 25% off for 3 or more tickets. CxO level executives from our direct and partner networks are eligible to receive a complimentary pass, please send us a mail with your request to info@iotslam.com 

Media / Journalists / Bloggers and Social Influencers – Get access to exclusive IoT sessions delivered by IoT leaders. Send us a mail with your request and credentials to media@iotslam.com (Proof of media affiliation will be required to confirm your ticket)

Academia – We offer 50% discount for members of the educational industry. Send us a mail with your request and credentials to info@iotslam.com

Is there an in-person live event portion to this years conference?


Speaker FAQs

How do I become a Speaker at Health Slam?

We are presently accepting paper submissions for the Inaugural Health Slam 2016 Virtual Conference. Visit this page for more details: http://healthcare.iotslam.com/cfp If you would like to explore extended collaboration opportunities, please send us a mail to info@iotslam.com

What are deadlines for speaking submissions?

Call For Papers Opens – July 19th 2016
Call For Papers Closes – September 18th 2016
Confirmations of Acceptance Sent / Speakers announced – October 3rd 2016
Health Slam Commences – December 2nd 2016

Do I have to sponsor the event in order to speak?

No. You don’t have to be a sponsor to be a speaker at this event, however should you sponsor your session you will be significantly enhancing your positioning within our event and the broader IoT space. The majority of Health Slam sessions are secured free of charge. The submission is free of charge, and if selected there is no cost to present.

Will my presentation be recorded?

All speaker sessions will be recorded and made available for reuse (with full shared copyrights) to the materials. The content is typically provided back to speakers within 2 weeks after the event. Additionally content will be made available for users to view on demand as well as proliferated through our IoT channels after 3 months.

Do I need any special training or equipment to present my session?

The simple answer is no!

All you need is a computer (desktop or Laptop), a stable internet connection (around 2mbps up and down), your presentation / slide deck, a microphone, a webcam (optional for those who wish to present using video) and a good presentation voice.

We will be conducting dry-runs and holding special training open to all speakers a couple of weeks before the event goes live to make sure you are comfortable and fluent with the virtual platform.

Sponsors FAQs

How does a company become a sponsor of Health Slam and What levels of sponsorship do you offer?

Please contact us at sponsors@iotslam.com to discuss available packages and options.

What are the advantages of becoming a sponsor?

Being a sponsor of Health Slam provides your organization with unprecedented impact and huge levels of brand awareness, visibility and exposure. Additionally, sponsors have right of first acceptance on headline and keynote inventories – which are prime time sessions that reach the peak and prime levels of attendance.

Sponsors can also take advantage of our added visibility packages pre-during-and post event – which benefit from highly desirable lead / demand generation deliverables which yield invaluable, quantifiable and measurable ROI. We have different levels of sponsor packages designed with your budget, outcome and objectives in mind. We can work with you to determine which package best fits your needs and capabilities. We can also work with you to define a tailored approach, to ensure that we secure the natural fit for you.

To find out more about our sponsorship opportunities entail, please contact us at sponsors@iotslam.com

What are other ways for Sponsors to participate?

As part of our content proliferation program, we offer sponsors the opportunity to distribute “non sales / product pitch oriented” content to our members through our website and direct to event attendees / registrants. This gives sponsors the chance to share their thought leadership and promotional material with our members through the use if white papers, case studies, articles, videos, etc. Additionally we leverage direct and partner channels to add further reach and coverage for our sponsors.

How many people are expected to attend Health Slam?

We anticipate a live / real time audience of between 500 – 1,500 attendees- which is inline to the attendance from our prior 2 IoT Slam virtual events. Through our direct channels, we have a global reach to over 100,000 senior level business decision makers. By leveraging our partner channels we gain further access to a further 500,000 global decision makers. Within 6 months of the content being disseminated post the event, we anticipate Health Slam content will have been consumed by over 1,000,000 executives.

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