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Internet of Things Community (IoTC) Announces it’s Health Slam IoT for Healthcare Advisory Board and Steering Committee

Internet of Things Community (IoTC) Announces it’s Health Slam IoT for Healthcare Advisory Board and Steering Committee

Healthcare and IoT Thought Leaders converge to form powerhouse industry Advisory Board

San Francisco, August 10th 2016 – The Internet of Things Community (IoTC) today announced its founding members for its newly formed Health Slam IoT for Healthcare Advisory Board.

This formidable group of practitioners will play an active role in helping to set themes and tones for the IoTC industry coverage, as well as to shape the future outlook of the IoT in Healthcare space.

Tim Foley – Interim Chairman of Health Slam, and HExN Founder

Advisory Board Members:
Vicky Lyle – Director of Performance Development, Inventory Services at Owens & Minor,  
Dr Robert Kelly – Director of Clinical Innovation and former Head of Cardiology at Beacon, Hospital, Dublin,
Hector Colon – Director of the Department of Health and Human Services for Milwaukee County,
Emilio Mordini – MD Responsible Technology SAS,
Jim Campbell – General Manager Cloud Development at DEKA Research and Development
Shahram Ebadollahi – Vice President, Innovations and the Chief Science Officer, IBM Watson Health Group,
Michael Costello – General Manager, Innovation and Gateway Services Healthdirect Australia,
Arnab Paul – CEO of Patient Planet
Frank Platt – Cyber-Risk and Security Expert – Infosec Alliance,
Ivan Storr – CEO & Co-Founder Blue Ocean Robotics,
Vishal Gupta – General Manager for End-Point management and Control and Compliance (CCS) at Symantec,
Pamela Danner – PMP, CEHRS Elwyn IT Service Delivery,
Dr Pankaj Gupta – Founder Taurus Glocal Consulting,
Anand Chaturvedi – Co-Founder- CEO of Vera Practice,
Vincent Salvo – Chief Growth Officer at Humm Systems,
Diane Robinson – Senior Operations Consultant in Health IT Transformation
Zana Desgranges – Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Vigilias LLC,
Hesham ElHamahmy – HAE Innovations, President & CEO
Dr Kim Sanders – Online Adjunct Faculty at Argosy University,
Dr Thierry Oscar Edoh – Affiliated Researcher RFW-University of Bonn – Germany,
Seth Feder – Director of Information Management and Technology at Dell Medical School,
Grace Castillo-Soyao – CEO & Founder, Self Care Catalysts Inc,
Michael Sheehan – Founder Crescent Ridge Consulting
Sean Lorenz – CEO Senter.

For an expanded view please click here: http://healthcare.iotslam.com/about-us

Health Slam Advisory Board members will share their vision of IoT in Healthcare with attendees, as well as providing feedback around the broader working group’s outcomes at Health Slam 2016  December 2nd. Healthcare and / IoT practitioners who would like to participate in the Health Slam initiative, should send a message to healthcare@iotslam.com

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Health Slam – an IoT Slam® production – is the world’s first and largest virtual IoT conference, exclusively dedicated to the advancement of IoT within Healthcare and Life Science industries. Core focus is on the application of IoT in Healthcare and how this impacts digital transformation amongst the Healthcare / Life Science ecosystem: Security and privacy issues, Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA), Consumer-driven healthcare, Remote patient monitoring, Patient centered analytics, Cognitive applications, Government regulations, Component technology, Device interoperability and data integration, Extracting insights from new data points, and Sharing of patient data, The inaugural on-line conference takes place December 2nd 2016. For more information, visit http://healthcare.iotslam.com.

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