Welcome to Health Slam - The IoT for Healthcare Community

Welcome to the Inaugural Health Slam 2016 – IoT for Healthcare Virtual Conference!

The inaugural Health Slam’16 virtual conference will shine a spotlight on how the Internet of Things is transforming and disrupting the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry. Today’s primary application of IoT is monitoring personal health data. Integrating IoT devices into the healthcare system is the next step in advancing medicine and medical practices. The combined ecosystem will benefit significantly from the integration of IoT.

Health Slam’16 delivers exclusive, cutting edge content and provides actionable insights catered for CxOs, Healthcare IT professionals and Medial Practitioners who are seeking to better understand how to leverage best-practice IoT strategies within their organization. The event features the most compelling topics in IoT for the Healthcare & Life Science industry, featuring highly acclaimed speakers, impartial, on-topic, user centred content and interactive workshops delivered virtually via the internet straight to your office, home or mobile device.

Who should attend Health Slam?

Health Slam is where the new multi-disciplinary Healthcare & Life Science community is forming around the convergence of software and hardware—engineers, researchers, doctors, and care givers — will convene virtually in the “Cloud” on December 2 2016 – to explore what lies ahead as software increasingly interacts with the physical world. This includes:

  • Healthcare IT leaders who want to understand the revolutionary disruption IoT is bringing to Healthcare, keep competitive, and embark on an uncharted enterprise model
  • Business Line Executives who are seeking to leverage the power of IoT and take ownership of driving change within their Healthcare institution cultures.
  • Healthcare IT Practitioners who want to learn how to implement and benefit from IoT
  • Care Providers who want to implement new technologies to improve patient care
  • Medical professionals seeking to understand the changes that will effect the way care is provided
  • Hardware designers who want to better align their IoT offerings with actual business and functional needs of the Healthcare & Life Science Industry.
  • Innovators and Start-ups creating the latest solutions to improve efficiency, increase productivity, attract finance, and mature across the Healthcare & Life Science eco-system.
  • Government Policy Makers and Regulators who define, legislate, implement, and regulate Healthcare & Life Science industries
  • Investors who want to find their next big investment opportunity and stay ahead of their competitors.

The event is an essential resource for Healthcare & Life Science executives in the following positions and functions:
Chief Medical Officers Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Head of Growth & Innovation, Head of Systems, Service Delivery Manager, General Practitioners, Directors and heads of IM&T, IT and ICT, Financial Directors, Healthcare IT project managers, Telecare project managers, Data centre Managers, Clinical Analytics Manager, Health IT Director, Head of Information Services, Medical Information Officer, Head of Business Intelligence, Clinical Information Officers (CCIOs), Heads of Commissioning, Senior nurses, Clinical Directors, Information security directors, Heads of Information Governance, Health Authorities and Associations, Medical directors, Head of eHealth, Head of Medical Informatics, Medical Technology Specialist, Healthcare systems managers, Healthcare managers, Clinical Information Officers (CCIOs), Procurement directors, and Health policy makers.

Why you should attend

  • Understand the opportunities associated with the IoT in Healthcare Network with your peers, colleauges, partners and clients virtually/ Life Science Industry
  • Experience successful strategies for migration and integration of IoT with legacy / cloud and mobile Healthcare systems.
  • Learn how to leverage IoT to streamline and improve Hospital delivery models
  • Gather impartial, current and practical insights across the Healthcare and IoT value chain
  • Learn how effectively and efficiently implement an IoT based EMR to eliminate medical errors whilst enhancing the patient satisfaction
  • Gain an objective overview of the current standing of IoT MD and Health Informatics
  • Watch real-world case studies focused on the lessons learnt and challenges faced with Healthcare IoT and IoT-MD Implementations
  • Understand the key trends transforming and driving IoT, cloud, mobile and big data in Healthcare.
  • See how IoT technology and innovation can be used to create easy access to health informatics
  • All content is free from any Sales pitches! Every session contains real world, objective, informative content that viewers can take something meaningful away.

Health Slam delivers industry focused content aimed at the following Vertical segments:
Healthcare, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Drug Discovery, Payer / Providers, Hospitals, Government / Public Sector

Types of Attending Companies:
Healthcare Authorities and Associations, Payers, Providers, ACO’s, Government Oragnizations, Promoters and Policy Makers, Hospitals, Medical Firms, System Integrators, Hospital Administrators, Technology Solution and Service Providers, Medical Device Makers, Academic Institutions, Industry Analysts, Project Management Companies, Architects, Designers & Planners, Consultants, Engineering, Finance and Investor Companies.

Why attend a Virtual Conference?

In today’s corporate environment of diminishing budgets, ever squeezing margins, and limited time, it isn’t easy to justify the cost of attending a physical conference, or to take time out of the office. Travel and Education budgets are tight, and it’s becoming more difficult to get approval, or justify the need to attend in-person events and conferences. The economy and convenience of email, Facebook, Skype, and other social media contribute to the shift toward virtual business encounters and away from traditional face-to-face meetings.

That’s why we decided to create Health Slam as a virtual event – to bring you fresh and insightful content direct to your home, office or mobile device – giving you all the value of a real event, without the significant price tag associated with an in-person event.

Here are the top reasons why Virtual.

  • You are in control! You choose the sessions you want to engage with and create your own agenda
  • Meet experts and ask questions without feeling like you are in an uncomfortable environment
  • Access some or the whole event from the comfort of your own office, home or mobile device
  • Less travel time means more time for you at work (or with your family)
  • You can jump in and out of sessions without being noticed
  • Balance your work demands with conference attendance
  • Network with your peers, colleagues, partners and clients virtually
  • Access all conference materials and audio on-line for 3 months after the event
  • Preview and review speaker presentations on your device while listening to other material
  • No Carbon footprint! Saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of air fuel because of the aggregate efforts of attendees
  • No big hole in your firms bank balance due to expenditure on hotels and sundries
  • Registration Fees are significantly less than a “bricks and mortar” event

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IoT Slam Internet of Things Conference

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.” – Gartner.